Nationally acclaimed vocal coach Ruth Gerson has taught “Singing, Songwriting and Performance” at Princeton University as a Forbes College Fellow. She is the designer of the Singingbelt System and founder Voice Club, and has been teaching “beginners to Grammy winners” for 25+ years.



Vocal Technique & Performance Class

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur @ 5:30pm PT
Mon @ 10:30, Fri & Sun @ 10am PT
+ Monthly Open-Mics/Showcases

VOICE CLUB provides LIVE daily voice classes online to support your vocal practice and help you become a better singer faster than private lessons alone. Each class includes guided breath work, vocal warm-ups and vocal technique exercises live with Ruth on Zoom. You can take classes on their own or combine with private lessons. (VOICE CLUB membership provides discounts on private lessons.)


Singer/Songwriter & Performance

Mon & Tues @ 5:30pm PT
By Submission Only!

A Singing, Songwriting & Performance Class. Join a supportive, thriving community of singer/songwriters. Class begins with 5:30pm PT with 30mins of warm-ups and vocal technique exercises, followed by 45mins of sharing individual songs.  



Sun @ 11:05am PT

“Young Singers” is a weekly class for singers age 8-11 who want to begin to learn vocal technique while having fun singing their favorite songs. Whether you take private singing lessons with Ruth, one of her affiliated teachers, or your own coach, classes accelerate your learning and provide a fun supportive, community to share your voice.



To book individual lessons or lesson packages, please call (650) 434-2876 or submit an email request below. Ask about private singing lesson/voice club class packages and get the best of both worlds, working with Ruth 1:1 and practicing with her live daily in her VOICE CLUB Vocal Technique & Performance class.

Ruth Gerson Singingbelt

"SING BETTER IN A DAY!" The One Day Singingbelt System Workshop

A Revolution In Voice Training. The Singingbelt makes breathing for singing easy, so you can learn how to support your voice and sing better fast. Its unique design improves vocal breathing technique and demystifies singing from the diaphragm. “Sing Better In A Day!” is a LIVE Zoom class with acclaimed vocal coach and



“I felt as if I was driving around on square, wooden wheels. Within a couple of weeks, I had smooth, round tires… It’s a revelation.”
-Matt Johnson, Matt & Kim, www.MattandKim.com

“Ruth is the best vocal coach I have ever worked with. She has helped me improve my singing, and learn to take care of my voice. The Singingbelt helped me understand quickly how to use my diaphragm and support my voice. Ruth’s coaching was essential preparing for American Idol and college auditions – I love working with her!”
-Remi Wolf, Island Records, www.RemiWolf.com

“Ruth is hands down the most useful and helpful vocal coach I’ve ever worked with. She has an incredible grasp of vocal technique, but also understands that singing isn’t cookie cutter for all artists. If you want to sing Pop, Rock, R’n’B, Soul or Jazz – she is a perfect coach for all because she teaches technique so well while allowing the artist the space to find their own identity. That support of creative growth and freedom permeates through her. She enhances who you are as a vocalist, and as an artist. I am so glad I found her for myself as well as for my children.”
-Erik Palladino, ER, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


A Revolution in Voice Training! Created by Ruth Gerson, the Singingbelt is an innovative training device used around the world to train singers in diaphragmatic breathing.



The Singingbelt makes breathing for singing easy, so you can learn how to sing better fast. Its unique design improves vocal technique and demystifies singing from the diaphragm.

The Singingbelt dual strap design allows you to quickly see and feel if you are breathing right for singing and using the diaphragm correctly. Created in the classroom and used with thousands of singers, The Singingbelt System is an efficient and powerful vocal exercise program that provides in-depth explanations of vocal technique, breaking it down into easy to understand singing exercises and vocal warm-ups for daily practice.


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