Ruth has been playing shows in living rooms across the country and abroad for over fifteen years. "I have made many lifelong friends performing in living rooms. House concerts give both the artist and the audience the most connected, up close way to experience live music. They are my favorite way to play. Songs become conversations that are eye-to-eye, face-to-face. There's a lot of laughter, along with the music. You get to know the audience and they get to know you, in a way that would be impossible anywhere else. You never want the night to end."

LRCs are private shows hosted by individual friends and fans. Some hosts open their homes to a wider audience (friends of friends). Guests can bring food and drinks to share, and there is generally a suggested donation or ticket price. LRCs are also effective fundraising vehicles. Ruth has helped raise over $100,000 for schools and charities playing living room concerts across the country. Shows are most often performed without amplification and have between 30 - 60 people, although some are larger, and light amplification is used. The atmosphere is intimate with audience members inches from the performance.

"This was a beautiful performance and an amazing show. Having Ruth play for our friends and family in the intimacy of our home was a truly wonderful event. We're still raving about her songs and cannot wait to have her back; her voice is incredible, it soared through our living room!"

Deb Palazzi, Houston, Texas

"Her music was great and her warm and friendly presence really got the audience involved. I remember being blown away by the amazing power of her vocals and the depth of her lyrics." I also remember how great it was to work with her leading up to the concert" The other thing that was nice about having Ruth Gerson play our house concert series was that she brought in some new faces that hadn't heard of us before but were big fans of hers."

Paul Phillips, Heathcote House Concerts,, Freeland, MD

"Ruth's living room concerts are comfy, cozy and intimate, the BEST way to have a musical experience."

Dan Aufhauser (Executive Producer, SUGO Music Agency), San Francisco, CA

"Having Ruth in concert in your own home makes for the best evening you could ever hope for. Watching your friends be spellbound by her amazing voice and presence is something you have to experience for yourself."

Adrienne Byrd, Greensboro, NC

"We moved out of NYC and asked Ruth to play at our housewarming party in Connecticut. She made us the most popular people in the neighborhood! Ruth is so talented and so incredibly delightful. Everyone raved and wanted to know how to contact her. She is a gift that just keeps on giving!"

Kerry Berchem, Fairfield, CT

"Ruth's performance is spellbinding! Every moment of the living room concert grabs your heart and lifts your spirits. An experience not to be missed."

Olga Lara, Houston, Texas

"Ruth's voice is mesmerizing! Her songs will make you quiver!! Not an ounce of fat on her music. This is the Real Deal!"

Randy Villa, Santa Rosa House Concerts, Santa Rosa, CA


"We were incredibly lucky to have Ruth perform a living room concert as a fundraiser for our school. Without question, it was the most intense, beautiful, life affirming, rockin', fun concert we've been to. Her music is incredible, and her personality shines throughout. Ruth connects to everyone."

Deb Ryan, Cary, NC

"My friends didn't know what to expect they'd never been to a living room concert before. They were blown away and can't wait for Ruth to come back for an encore performance."

Marcella Kanfer Rolnick, Akron, OH

"Ruth has played at two of our parties. She is always a lot of fun with a knack for comedy, she really makes us laugh and with such a wonderful voice and poetic lyrics, we are drawn into her show. Her concerts bring a level of intimacy and purpose to the events that our friends rave about. We look forward to having her perform again."

Rob Code, New York, NY

"I had never heard of a "Living Room Concert" and was suspicious but seeing Ruth Gerson in such an intimate setting was one of the best musical experiences I've ever had. It was great night, in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere and everyone in attendance commented on how shocked we were that such an enormous talent was right there in the room laughing and talking with us."

Joseph Reilly, Manahawkin, NJ

"Ruth's voice is incredibly powerful both emotionally and musically. It is an amazing experience to see her live, in the intimacy of a living room."

Laura Davies, San Francisco, CA

"Ruth is part Janis Joplin, part Chrissie Hynde, part Bonnie Raitt, part Sarah McLachlin. What a treat to have my home filled with sound of her powerful voice and music. Everyone loved the show and asked when would I do it again!"

Beth Alsberg, Oakland, CA


"Having Ruth for a Living Room Concert was an AMAZING experience that all our friends and family are still talking about months later!! Not only is Ruth a fantastic singer, but she is a wonderful and beautiful person as well that became an instant part of our family. We look forward to attending and hosting more Living Room Concerts in the future. Ruth ROCKS in more ways that one..."

Meggan Rush, Sacramento, California

"Ruth rocked my Bridgeport apartment with her living room concert. Friends, family and strangers attended and all were blown away. She also has a way of bringing people together, by the end of the night, we were one big family."

Aimee Potter, Chicago, IL